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Why Ranch Homes

Ranch Style Homes are making a Comeback

We are falling in love with ranch style homes again!  Ranch style homes were introduced to the market in the 1920’s and popularized in the 1950’s with the post-war sprawl.   They were simple in design and focused on backyard living.  In the mid 1970’s, ranch homes became likened to “tract” housing and started losing their appeal.

So why are ranch style homes making a comeback?

  • They can be an affordable and efficient option for lifestyles and needs
  • Boomer-friendly which allows Seniors to ‘age in place’ (which 90% of individuals over 50 would prefer to do)
  • Conducive to indoor/outdoor living – windows can bring the outdoors in 
  • Mid-Century Modern architecture and furnishings are trending
  • Easy to add additions
  • Great remodeling potential – can easily be modernized by opening walls and ceilings
  • Allows many prospective buyers to enter the home buying market
  • Fits the ‘less-is-more’ mentality (contentment vs. consumption)
  • Accessible to people of all abilities
  • Usually located closer to mature infrastructure (transportation, shopping, mature landscaping)
  • Denver is one of the top 10 markets expecting an influx of Baby Boomer homebuyers

Ranch Homes (12) Ranch Homes (10)

Paradigms typically associated with ranch style homes:

  • Small size and closed or compartmental floorplans
  • Bathrooms and kitchens are usually small with outdated finishes
  • As the population ages, so do the homes (electrical, plumbing and HVAC have likely reached the end of their useful lives)
  • Narrow hallways, basement laundry rooms, and inadequate sized bathrooms that don’t allow for wheelchairs or walkers create complications for aging in place

Ranch Homes (9) Ranch Homes (6)

Builders know the time is ripe to focus on the 55+ market.  Builder confidence for this group is at an all-time high, yet many are still focused on building two-story homes due to profit margins on their investment.   By modifying existing ranch style homes, there is no need to wait for the builder community to catch up with consumer demands.

For more information on purchasing a new ranch style home or modifying an existing ranch style home, contact LuAnn Smidt, Realtor ® or 303-980-0071.

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