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As a ranch style home specialist, LuAnn noticed that many homeowners in ranch style homes were aging…and so were their homes!

For its Millennial clients, LifePoint Realty™ looks for opportunistic homes in need of some TLC.  By investing some “sweat equity”, Millennials have an opportunity to begin creating their own independence and build equity quickly – often with the pride and satisfaction that comes from doing it themselves.

LifePoint’s “move-up” clients are typically married couples with expanding families in need of a larger home.  By moving up from the ranch style home that may have been their first home purchase (which, of course, they updated while they lived there), ‘move up’ clients leave behind updated homes that are conveniently ‘right sized’ for a Senior who no longer needs a large home with stairs.

LifePoint’s Boomers have the challenge of wanting to buy their dream home yet needing a house that can adapt as mobility changes and safety concerns become a part of everyday life.  Boomers are not simply looking for a home but a lifestyle.  Sometimes known as “The Sandwich Generation”, this group is looking for multigenerational housing – a home that can accommodate aging parents, adult children living at home, and maybe even grandchildren.

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Colorado’s active lifestyle and spectacular scenery bring so many to Colorado.  Many Boomer’s are relocating in order to be closer to their adult children and grandchildren.  In October 2014, Colorado was rated the 7th best state for retirement.  Colorado is also slated to be in the top 10 states for an influx of boomer buyers.

With all of these generational diversities there is one repetitive constant:  a high demand for ranch style homes!

By servicing clients through every stage of their home owning life cycle, LuAnn Smidt and LifePoint Realty™ are uniquely positioned as the ranch style home experts.  Contact us to see how finding the perfect home is only a decision away.

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